We all read at our own pace

No, I don’t read all the time. Actually, I wish I read way more than I do. I know people who read ten times what I read in a year. I get reading slumps quite a lot. The time when no book seem to hold my attention or I simply don’t have the energy to read. I may get it after reading an amazing book, or maybe in the middle of one. I don’t read as much as I used to in high school. As we grow older, the free time gap gets smaller and sometimes the motivation to sit down and read a novel is just not there. And it’s okay.

I don’t usually keep up with my Goodreads reading goal.😅Sometimes all I need is to reconnect with other interests; film, writing, drawing, music, or simply sit with my thoughts. Rather than fighting against the slumps, embrace them. Reading doesn’t have to be a race or competition. We all read at our own time and pace.


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