Pictures I would have never posted on social media


-my hair is a mess
-my face looks weird
-my eye bags are huge
-my face and my body have different skin tones

when I say these things out loud they all sound stupid but truth is, most insecurities are. You hear them all the time when you look in the mirror while taking off your makeup, when you ask for another picture with a different angle so that the light doesn’t hit directly in your face making your nose look big, when you try on different filters that “favors” more your features, when you cut pictures so your legs don’t show, when you cover your face with your hair, when you hate your voice on voicenotes.

And the list could go on. All these tiny, little things we unconsciously do everyday to cover up the things that makes you, you, whether you like them or not. Start by acknowledging your marks, your scars, the way your voice sounds like when you speak up, the way your eyes turn little when you smile, the waves in your salty hair. You don’t have to love them yet. That will come along the way of simply accepting them. Insecurities may be loud, but confidence knows how to creep in slowly and silently, ‘till one day you look up in the mirror and you like that person looking right back at you.

“The world has enough women who live a masked insecurity. It needs more women who live a brave vulnerability”- Deanne Vincent


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