Here’s the thing about people who overthink.
They may see something in a blank room but they’re honest in admitting when they are wrong. Their apologies will always be genuine.

They are givers and if you’re lucky enough to be loved by one of them, you’ll start appreciating their attention to detail. You’ll constantly be surprised by their captivating way to see and analyze the world around them. You may even learn about yourself along the way, too.

Overthinkers take action. They have a creative mind that they use to pick themselves up and a huge heart that looks out for you even when you think you don’t need the help. Their keen eye catches that before you do.

These people think before they act. They pay attention to every situation, feeling and person. They consider your heart and mind without forgetting their own, which is part of the reason you always feel safe around them.

Yes, they overthink and overstress. But they also overlove and feel too deeply.
Trust the overthinker that told you they love you, cause they’ve already seen the best and worst in you, and decided to stay anyway.


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