Missing tooth

When I was a kid, the thought of losing a tooth excited me. I guess it made me feel like a badass, able to go through pain, blood and cotton balls. I was left off with a gap that I wore proudly through my smile. While some kids were ashamed of their own gap, others admired my ability to pull my own loose teeth with my bare hands without any hint of pain or doubt. I guess when we grow up is the other way around. As grown-ups we tend to hide our sorrows in fear of seeming vulnerable. Vulnerability is never comfortable. It feels like having a loose tooth you move around with your tongue but not loose enough for you to pull out with your fingers. We have a false idea that vulnerability is showing weakness but it always reveals our most true and authentic self. Beautiful loves vulnerability and we tend to forget that it is through being vulnerable that we build up our strength. Yes, it’s terrifying. It takes courage to reveal your naked heart, but in the end, is what we gave of ourselves that truly matters. So here’s to vulnerability & never forgetting to be that kid with a gap in her proud smile showing up her lost teeth up like a trophy.


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