Good day

People always write about bad days or not so good days, but what about when you actually have a good day?
Will you say I’m being conceited if I share it? will I be gloating if I said I had one? Are they so rare that all we give are words of hope and encouragement saying “don’t worry, hang in there! you’ll get one some day!”
Truth is, most of our days can be good days if we want them to be. See, my happy days came from finally achieving 2 professional goals in a weekend, even if it meant waking up early both saturday and sunday.
Came from staying close to those who are special.
Came from seeing happy faces from strangers and even letting some into my heart.
But sometimes, Happiness likes to lie low and hide on the edges of the tiles we step on. But if we look down, we may just notice that flowers can grow on concrete too.
Happiness’s not always something that creeps up on you slowly or suddenly takes you by surprise. Sometimes, it likes to play hide and seek.
Go find it with eyes wide open. Happiness is not always grand. It comes in tiny shapes too. Look for it.
You still have time to make today, a good day.


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