What I’m made of

We have so much potential. Each and every single one of us just by the mere fact that we have feet on our shoes and we are standing. Standing on an earth full of possibilities and the power to make them, take them or change them into whatever our fingertips want them to be. We have eyes on our face able to look everywhere we want to strive for, everywhere we want to get to. We have knees on our legs to bend every social norm that tries to hold us back from our true self. Knees that kick back those trying to stand on our wings. We have brains on our heads to exploit the power we have inside of us and that sometimes we can’t see. Maybe because we get scared sometimes. Scared that we are gifted with so much and we are face to face with the fact that we can’t be everything in this lifetime. But we get on, we go on, we move on, because last but not least, we have a heart on our chest able to go through pain, failure and still beat to the beat of that song that gets you through the day, through the week…through life.


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